Four Forgotten Britpop Bands

Britpop is over 20 years old now and the mid 1990s seem a long time ago, although some bands from the era such as Blur have survived and are still going. With constant rumours as to whether or not Oasis will reform, people nowadays look back with a fond regard, rather then the contempt that it was held in during the late 90s.

Many bands for the period have chosen to reform such as Echobelly, Shed Seven and Cast. The list goes on. From 1993 to 1997, a huge number of indie bands emerged on the scene, and during this time your could be forgiven for overlooking some of the smaller ones who still produced some very fine music. So here are four forgotten britpop bands that are still worth checking out today.


Formed in Cheshire and name after the Verve song ‘A Man Called Sun’, Mansun had a string of top 40 entries starting in 1996. Their debut album, The Attack of the Grey Lantern was a kind of concept album which featured some great tracks including Wide Open Space, Stripper Vicar and She Makes My Nose Bleed. Their early work has aged well and still stands up today. Well worth a listen.

The Super Furry Animals

Hailing from Wales, the Super Furrys, as they were affectionately known, released a number of great albums including their debut Fuzzy Logic and the follow up, Radiator. Some of their best songs include Herman Loves Tarpaulin, which was about Albert Einstein, God Show Me Magic, their debut hit and Demons, from their 2nd album. A great live band who can still occasionally be caught live today, the Supper Furrys definitely deserved more exposure than they received during the heyday of britpop.


Fronted by Louise Wener, Sleeper burst onto the scene right in the middle of the britpop explosion with their debut hit Inbetweener, which was a long time before the similarly named comedy show. A few more decent tracks followed including Sale of the Century and Nice Guy Eddie, but unfortunately they soon fell into obscurity, with Wener turning her attention to becoming a writer.


Although Suede achieved a certain degree of success in the 90s,. they never fully lived up to their potential. Frontman Brett Anderson was heavily influenced by David Bowie and the self titled debut album had a couple of stand out tracks in the form of Animal Nitrate and Metal Mickey. It was however, the follow up Dog Man Star which is their masterpiece. Even though the album didn’t contain any chart hits, the atmospheric LP still sound as fresh as it did on release, and songs such as Heroine and We are the Pig are a joy to the ears.


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