Sgt Peppers Turns 50

Last week, the album which consistently tops polls as the best ever turned 50 years old. Upon it’s release it changed the musical landscape forever with it’s original instrumentation, complex arrangements and thought provoking lyrics. Most people will be familiar with the more famous tracks on the album such as ‘Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds’, ‘When I’m 64’ and ‘With a Little Help from My Friends’, but we wanted to take a look at some of the lesser known tracks on the album.

Lovely Rita

This track which was written by Paul McCartney tells the tale of a lovely meter maid (traffic warden) known as Rita. It’s fair to say the traffic wardens don’t often get called lovely, although on this occasion, McCartney seems to have taken rather a shine to one. This piano driven track is unbeluievably catchy and jolly with a slight hint of the psychadelic sound that The Beatles pioneered.

Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite

John Lennon wrote the lyrics for this track based on a poster which he had that adbertised a circus. The song also has a very circus-like feel, with swirling organs and clever time signiture changes. Before recording Lenon told producer George Martin that he wanted to be able to smell the sawdust of the circus when he listened back to the track, and Martin didn’t let him down. The clever production techniques which he employed transport you back to the Victorian era via the 60’s with startling results.

Good Morning, Good Morning

Another track written by John Lennon, this song was inspired by the annoying TV adverts that he would get frustrated with. Again, the song features time signitures which are not commonly found in mordern pop music and the vocal delivery only goes to emphasise the frustration that Lennon felt when he wrote the song.

Within You Without You

The only song penned by George Harrison on the album, Within You Without You is a compositio which uses only Indian instrumentation. Harrison had previously excperimented with this style on the Revelver album with his track ‘Love To You’, although his contribution to Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band takes his love of Indian music to an enterily new level.

She’s Leaving Home

McCartney was the Beatle who wrote the most songs on Sgt Peppers, and this tender ballade is one of his finest moments. the song tells the tale of a young girl who is moving out of her parents house, and the conflict that arises due to this. The string and harp arrangement conjour up a sad aptmosphere which makes this song one of the most pogniant on the album.




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