Six of the Best Sherlock Holmes Stories

The Sherlock TV series staring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman has ignited the public’s fascination with the legendary detective, but many younger fans might not be aware of the original stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. So if you want to delve into the past and do some quality reading, here are our favourite six original Sherlock Holmes stories.

The Sign of Four

One of the four full length novels written by Conan Doyle (the others being short stories), The Sign of Four is a mystery which has it all. A murder in a locked room, a man with a wooden leg, a mysterious sidekick and a chase on the river Thames all combide to make this story one of the finest reads for lovers of detective fiction.

The Adventure of Silver Blaze

Appearing in the Menoirs od Sherlock Holmes, this short story tells the tale of a race horse which mysteriously goes missing following the death of one of the trainers. Famously the story mentions ;the curioous incident of the dog in the night’, a phrase which gave the title for the popular west end play. In actual fact in the bokk, the curious incident was that the dog did nothing.

The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle

In this short story, the blue carnbuncle, an priceless jewell is stolen and Holmes and Watson set out to track down the perpitrator. Set at Christmas time, and with many interesting twists and turns, the carbuncle turns un in one of the most unlikely places that you could evert imagine.

The Hound of the Baskervilles

Probablly the most famous Sherlock Holmes story, The Hound of the Baskervilles is notable due to the absence of Holmes for quite a large proportion of the book. Instead, the master detective chooses to send Watson to Dartmoor to investigate sighting of a terrifying hound which has been seen lurking. As it turns out, Holmes has alteria motives for sending Watson in is place and the mystery of the deadly hound comes to a thrilling conclusion.

The Adventure of the Dancing Men

When Hilton Cubit starts seeing strange chalk message around his house, he called upon Holmes and Watons to help him figure out what they mean. Of course Sherlock cracks the meaning of the strange symbols in no time, but not without a thrilling adventure along the way.

The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist

When a young lady visits Holmes to tell him about a strange figure who has been following her on a bicycle, he soon realises that she may be in mortal peril. When Watson visits the scene, he spots the mysterious bicyclist, only to see him disspear infront of him. This short story was part of the The Return of Sherlock Holmes collection an was published in 1903.



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