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Saving Money On Live Music Tickets

Unless you have been living underneath a rock for the last ten years, you must have noticed that the price of tickets for live music has gone through the roof. As recording artists no longer make as much money from the sales of their music has they used to do, they have had to find […]

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West End Shows, Are They Worth The Money?

Whether you live in London or not, a trip to the West End to see a show is a pretty expensive night out. For those outside the capital, the price of a hotel, restaurant meal, transport and tickets to see a show can add up to a small fortune, but are the current crop of […]

Four Forgotten Britpop Bands

Britpop is over 20 years old now and the mid 1990s seem a long time ago, although some bands from the era such as Blur have survived and are still going. With constant rumours as to whether or not Oasis will reform, people nowadays look back with a fond regard, rather then the contempt that […]

Sgt Peppers Turns 50

Last week, the album which consistently tops polls as the best ever turned 50 years old. Upon it’s release it changed the musical landscape forever with it’s original instrumentation, complex arrangements and thought provoking lyrics. Most people will be familiar with the more famous tracks on the album such as ‘Lucy in the Sky With […]

The Seven Best Michael Jackson Songs

Smooth Criminal From the 1987 Bad album, Smooth Criminal along with it’s groundbreaking music video is one of Jacko’s most loved tracks. Only Michael could get away with repeating the line ‘Annie are you okay?’ umpteen times. The legendary leaning effect in the video and the 1920s style will be remembered for years to come. […]

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Six of the Best Sherlock Holmes Stories

The Sherlock TV series staring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman has ignited the public’s fascination with the legendary detective, but many younger fans might not be aware of the original stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. So if you want to delve into the past and do some quality reading, here are our favourite […]

Five Films Never To Watch On a Flight

Everybody loves a good film on a flight. They help to pass the time in-between the bad food, turbulence and putting up with other annoying passengers. If you’re lucky you might get to choose from one of the latest blockbusters, and these days airlines do tend to shoe fairly modern releases. There are however some […]